William Streppone, Esq.
The Immigration Debate

"It is time we begin to look for solutions to the problem"

William Streppone, immigration attorney, smashes the old myth that giving illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship is somehow rewarding bad behavior. He argues that they're already here and been here for years. It's a kind of amnesty by default. Instead let's resolve the problem instead of just talking about it!

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     Make no mistake about it, our government has always made it easy and still makes it easy for illegal immigrants to come into the United States. It has never been a top priority and is now getting strong attention because of the horrible events that took place on 9/11 and the bad economy.
     Both parties are to blame. The republicans like the cheap labor and the democrats want to increase their election base. Both parties have ignored the problem for close to 30 years.
     Now there are some who simply say deport them all. For some reason they cannot see any other remedy. The only remedy in their eyes is deport. Deportation is the death penalty in the immigration world! It doesn't matter to them whether they have U.S. citizen children or a U.S. citizen spouse - just deport. And it is these very same people who say guys like me, who take a humane stance, are blind to the reality of the problem. Well if that is the case I rather be blind.
     That is why I put together these 11 videos. I want people to hear arguments that many have never heard before - arguments that put to rest the same old clichés that some use to argue against a humane approach. Simply put, we must utilize a humane approach to the immigration problem.
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Watch Videos 1-11

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